Individual Counselling in Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge

About Individual Counselling

People today choose to do Individual Counselling and Therapy for a great variety of reasons, whether they are struggling with a mood disorder, experiencing a need related to a present day challenge, or wanting to confront fears and challenges they have long carried. Throughout our lives we can all benefit from sitting down with a professional trained to help us transition a challenging realization, decision, experience or event that is keeping us from moving forward in a positive direction.   
Some people still think of therapy as solely a treatment for psychological problems, such as depression or anxiety, both of which are very common in today’s world. Counselling therapy, sometimes in conjunction with medication, can be very helpful in dealing with such problematic emotions. Skills can be learned to offset depression and anxiety disorders and to help with the problematic symptoms associated with a depressed or anxious mood.

And more and more people are seeking some form of psychotherapy or counselling today that do not struggle with a psychological condition. They may want help in dealing with an overwhelming present day situation or possibly they desire to improve their emotional health in general. Such a therapeutic goal could be the desire to enhance their sense of fulfillment in life such that they feel they are living life authentically, engaging with their true self, and feeling empowered to make good choices. People with healthy emotions feel in control of their thoughts and feelings, and their self-confidence helps them build good relationships with others

Life stresses and everyday problems that weigh on you us can have a negative impact on your health. Stressful situations can cause your heart rate to speed up, your blood pressure to spike, and your body to release stress hormones, putting you at risk of a heart attack or other cardiovascular problem. Through talking to a therapist about your daily struggles, you can be better able to express your feelings and prevent or manage stress. For example, part of improving one’s health could involve learning to look at the world in a more positive light; research strongly suggests that optimistic people live longer, happier lives.

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